Logo Redesign and Rebranding

For this project, I rebranded and redesigned the logo of a small business, namely that of The Lawn Doctors Inc. The Lawn Doctors Inc. is a lawn care and landscaping company that has been operating in Ontario since 1995. Their current logo consists of a wordmark placed atop an illustration of a heart monitor’s pulse line, the intention clearly being to carry the “doctor” aspect of their company name over into their logo’s imagery. All this is placed on a background of illustrated blades of grass.

The Lawn Doctors Inc. original logo


I went through many rough iterations of the logo before arriving at the final solution.

Final Piece

The Lawn Doctors Inc.’s redesigned logo retains the brand’s core values while bringing a more polished and modern look to their company. Carrying the heart monitor imagery from the company name through to the new logo perpetuates the trust felt by customers as they take in the visuals that represent care, strength and reliability. The logo’s earthy and friendly colours reflect the health and beauty of their customers’ lawns, while the blunt edges and sharp corners convey the simplicity, efficiency and cleanliness of their service.